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Diabetes & Family Physician

Today I am sharing the experience of 1997 when we  discussed about the “Role of family physician to control Diabetes Mellitus”  in the conference organised by National Integrated Medical association of India at Saharanpur, U.P, when the number of diabetics in India were less than 2 million.

But now the scenario is entirely  different, one out of five is Diabetic in Indian population (National data states 5.2 million & NGO data 12.10 million & in coastal region it is <12 % population is Diabetic) this rapid increase is because organised sector to unorganised sector, layman to literate everyone is taking Diabetes casually & till date the majority of diabetic patients are not aware of the severity & complexity of the   disorder.

Preventive measures for Non Diabetics & proper self care for diabetics is required at large scale to retard this growth of disease, & I think it is the right time to start “National diabetes prevention & control campaign” by the Central Government, as well as state Government should promote Doctors, Pharmaceutical  companies, NGOs  for active participation to save country from Diabetic complications induced financial burden.

In this regard as I talked on the role of family physician is now more significant, their efforts can directly  help to improve quality of life & simultaneously pushing back the diabetic complications  as family physician is well aware of the life style, diet pattern, Financial status etc. Of the families coming to him for various health conditions of their family members so they can easily guide them to manage the diabetes & help them to follow the drug compliance, if a person is diabetic in the family & also suggest them the necessary life style modification to prevent the other to become Diabetic, they may also help in early diagnosis of Diabetes if there is a new abnormal symptom  present in any of the member.

Family physician can also explain the importance of Diabetic Discipline, Myths about Diabetic Diet & many other queries of the patient regarding diseases condition which definitely help the patient to overcome from the disease  oriented stress which is the major obstacle in disease management as we have seen in our clinical practice.

They can also provide guidelines on limitations of Medicines, importance of regular examinations & investigations, also suggest the timely visit to the super specialist to manage the  changes coming in the vital organs such as Eye, Heart, Kidney & others.

Family Physician  can also provide immediate care in any diabetic Emergency  & can save the life by providing emergency treatment before referral to higher center.

Above said are the few example in which family physician has a very important role , & this link between patient-Family physician- specialist- super specialist is the key to provide proper help to diabetics to keep away the fatal complications of the disease.

So finally I would like to suggest that everyone should  remain in touch with a physician for their daily minor health troubles & also go for periodic examinations  to avoid such disorders take control on you.
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