Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Diabetes Mellitus and Genetic Risk Assessment

China, India United states, Australia & United kingdom have approximate 100 million diabetics, and the Same number of unknown or pre-diabetics, are said by the researchers. who will be the new victim of diabetes it is possible through screening of blood Sugar estimation fasting and post-prandial, or GTT (Glucose tolerance test- in which 75 gm glucose are given to the patient orally and every 30 minute blood sugar level is estimated) are the methods, which are practically impossible exercise.
Except no other method or tool is available till date internationally, which can screen the population without above said big exercise to evaluate the pre-diabetics or future victims of diabetes. Genetic risk assessment scoring system– diabetes is the only solution. Which can help to screen any number of pre-diabetics or known diabetics, with very simple methodology.
Some on-line input of your day to day conduct and family history are the requirement, then one click can tell you, when you are going to be diabetic. It also suggests how you can reverse the diabetogenic factor’s, and prevent from diabetes (those have no family history) and how to push back diabetes for those who have strong genetic history of diabetes.

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