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Even with improving financial atmosphere, focus on growth and infrastructure developments which were addressed at the recent budget announcement by our Finance Minister with focus on bringing the progressive agenda and putting GDP growth in track there are still many financial loopholes which are drastically affecting the people who are already suffering from poverty.

So what is the relation between poverty and diabetes?

Generally, we try to control diabetes by eating right and healthier food options, getting medicines and by adopting better lifestyle. But, what if we get trouble in finances and are unable to buy healthier food options or get treated for diabetes and to buy medicines? What if due to stress of finances are unable to focus on living a stress free life and thus are unable to exercises?

Fact is, people with diabetes who have difficulty paying for food, medicine and other basic needs also have trouble managing their diabetes. Those who have trouble paying for food or medicine are prone to the highest risk of poor diabetes control. Poor control means higher blood sugar, increased cholesterol and blood pressure than normal.

You may think having a medical insurance shall back you up for any health emergencies, but the ugly fact is first, how many of us are already medically insured to cover such lifestyle diseases? Second, despite having a medical insurance coverage there are many unfulfilled basic needs which are associated with worsening diabetes control and thus exposing an individual to high use of expensive healthcare services.

Thus the truth is without addressing these specific financial and medical needs of diabetes we will be unable to make any better progress in improving our health as a diabetic patient. 

Talking about medical insurance, traditionally it has been observed that patients come in for clinical check-ups or hospitalizations, but more importantly the time that determines their overall health is spent in the absence of any health care system. India’s primary, secondary or tertiary healthcare systems can be held accountable for health outcomes but these consequences are more determined by situations for which most health care systems have limited experience in dealing with.  By simply increasing access to healthcare and by being medically insured does not solves the root causes of illness, what is missing is the ability of patients will and a need to stay healthy and manage their illnesses which is more likely to be in illnesses like in diabetes, which is more manageable when known earlier and treated accordingly.

If we start focusing on changes in our lifestyle and attitude towards healthcare financing that might encourage our country’s healthcare delivery structures. The need of the hour is also to think about India’s entire health management considering its population and the possibilities to address health issues in not just the typical healthcare management but also thinking of it as a situation which is medically unmet and is a basic need of improving our health.

This doesn’t means that we are not advocating medical assistance through insurance (either individually or by country wide health insurance systems which were spoken by Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley, medical aid is helpful and is a need especially for diseases which are prescription based and thus medication coverage is most appropriate but we also are focusing on the other aspect of health situations like diabetes which are not just prescription based and which can be treated by giving medicines, we are talking about reviving and looking at the healthcare in a more all-inclusive and environment. 

Looking at identifying the diseases like Type 2 Diabetes by educating the masses  providing preventive medical environment through need based solutions as well as adopting technologies to identify the disease and thus reducing the huge burden of financial impact on a country by such diseases. The economic impact of diabetes on an individual as well as a country are very-very huge.

As we did covered about insurance in our earlier blog, people who have Type 2 Diabetes are considered under “High Risk Category” by most of the health insurance providers which meant that the premium policies were always higher for a diabetic person as compared to a healthy individual of same income and age. A diabetic person is prone to many critical illnesses arising out of high blood sugar levels and since diabetes also affects the treatment of some other serious health issues many few insurance providers are there in market that provides a proper coverage. 

Medical experts worldwide have been saying, the more 'insecurities', the worse is the outcome.  For example, diabetes is a complex disease to treat and social variables play an important role that cannot be easily controlled by the government. Many diabetic patients will admit that they have trouble affording food and regularly face problems paying for high cost of medications. There are many people who have a diabetic person in their family and who have problems paying for a better or more suitable place to live with open spaces to walk and exercise or a place with access to gym or swimming facilities which can help them to control a lifestyle and thus reducing the risks of acquiring diabetes. With our two decades of experience we have felt that many of patients have difficulty in paying for one or more of these basic needs. 

The overall impact is that most of patients had trouble with diabetes management in varying ways. For example, having problems in affording right food considerably increases the odds of poor diabetes control and increased visits to a doctor but their medical insurances have not discouraged them to visit the emergency rooms or getting hospitalized for more complexity arising out of diabetes.


So, whatever is your financial situation, let us know what your preferences will be to better manage the risk of diabetes? We only can recommend to visit and know more on what can be done now!
Awaiting your comments and feedback.

Dr. MS Singhal
MD - Singhal Diabetic Clinic, Haridwar

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Saturday, 7 March 2015


Do you tick YES to 3 or more of below symptoms? 
  • Increased Urination in Day and/or Night 
  • Do you repeatedly crave for food - Your hunger has increased? 
  • Are you experiencing unusual weight increase or weight lost?  
  • Excessive thirst? 
  • Do you experience weakness and are tired very easily?
  • Have you got irritable or have bouts of depression? 
  • Feeling nauseated or sense of vomiting? 
  • Repeated skin fungal infections? 
  • Male - yeast infections on reproductive organs 
  • Female - frequent vaginal infections 
  • Itching skin especially in the groin or vaginal area 
  • Blurred Vision?

People with type 2 diabetes often do not have any symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they are often ignored because they may not seem serious. Symptoms in type 1 diabetes usually come on much more suddenly and are often severe. If you have got 3 or more than 3 Yes’s to above issues its time you consult a Diabetologist immediately or take this online genetic risk assessment.

If you are breathing rapidly and more deeply than normal, though not necessarily but also perhaps with sweet breath that smells like nail polish remover then you need immediate medical attention which can be a potentially deadly complication of type 1 diabetes. 

Take care and notice that your sudden feel of weakness or occasional fainting coupled with a rapid heartbeat or shuddering and/ or excessive sweating which again can be a symptom of diabetes.


Call me at Singhal Diabetic Clinic at Tel: +91-1334-224625 if you feel nauseated, feel weak, and are very often feeling thirsty. The Type 2 diabetes risks can also be recognized through symptoms like abdominal pain and having urge to urinate frequently.

The general feeling of irritability, hunger, or suddenly experiencing drowsiness are chances of developing hypoglycemia, a medical condition of low blood sugar that can occur with diabetes treatment.

Better Avoid such conditions and take the genetic risk assessment which can help you to categorize your medical conditions based upon your existing lifestyle and family medical history. There is nothing to lose but your health to gain. 

Visit to know more.

Dr. MS Singhal 

MD - | Singhal Diabetic Clinic, Haridwar

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