Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Genetic Risk Assessment of Diabetes


  • More than 341 million are known Diabetics globally and same number could be unknown or Pre-Diabetic.
  • You could be the next Victim of Diabetes (risk may be increased multi-fold, if either mother or father or anyone of family member are Diabetic).
  • If someone gets Diabetes, he/she remains Diabetic.
  • Once you are Diabetic, you are compelled to bear regular expenses (in consultation, pathological test and regular medication) to maintain your blood sugar as well as normal health.
  • As duration of Diabetes increases, dose of drug and other medication may add.
  • International research establishes – after 10 years of Diabetes, every Diabetic faces different grade of Diabetic complications of various degrees.
  • Diabetes cuts 5 to 7 years of life.
GRASS-DIABETES helps you prevent or push back diabetes.

Grass Diabetes
What is GRASS?
Genetic Risk Assessment Scoring System:
Incidence of Diabetes is increasing, yet most cases of Diabetes are preventable with healthy lifestyle changes and even reversed. Although genes and ethnicity are risk factors for Diabetes, they are not the sole determinants of whether someone develops the disease. Environment plays a role, and also does lifestyle.
Staying active, maintaining an optimum weight and eating a balanced diet can help postpone or prevent type 2 Diabetes, even for people who have hereditary predisposition.
GRASS is a new valuable scoring tool developed by us, as a result of our extensive research of over 20 years, which included our patients, volunteers, various research references and our technical support team.
It asks for some very basic details and provides the best prognostic reports of your Susceptibility, Risk of developing Diabetes, and the Age at which you may get it, and also suggest the life style modifications, and unique kitchen spices, by which you can postpone or prevent Diabetes.

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