Thursday, 27 June 2013

Simple Guidelines for Diabetic Care


Simple Guidelines for Diabetic Care

Skin care- 

 Dry your skin properly after bathing particularly in the skin folds. 
 Avoid too hot or too cold water while bathing. 
 Avoid harsh & highly perfumed soaps. 
 Use skin oil Mustard oil after bathing to lubricate your body. 
 Take care of Minor Cuts, Minor Burns, and Injuries. 
 Avoid excessive exposure to sun. 
 Do not wear too tight clothes in summer.

Eye care- 

 Have your eyes or vision checked periodically. 
 If you notice any abnormality like blurring, eye discharge etc. consults your ophthalmologist. 
 If you wear glasses be sure that your prescription is updated. 
 Wear protective eye glasses while going outdoor in Sunlight. 
 Do not rub eyes unnecessarily. 
 Is there any Vascular changes in your eyes go for proper examination & treatment. 
 Maintain adequate light when reading, writing or working. helps in calculating risk of diabetes using genetic risk assessment and your lifestyle which generates a report that tells you the solutions through diet modifications, regular exercise which helps in pushing back/ preventing the diabetes.

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