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Diabetes & Pizza

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We at Grass-Diabetes wish you are taking good care of yours and your near & dear ones.
For majority of us, health is not in our top of minds when we get up every day unless we have come across to health’s complicated ways of saying that it the first most important aspect of our life. We really wish you to stay healthy and enjoy the life.

So, how has been your week? I remember, we were supposed to discuss on “Controversy on Diabetes & Pizza” this week, diabetes or no diabetes it’s indeed a diabet-licious topic. Don’t you think so? But, I’m going to hold that for a while, because, we Indians we have a much more important thing to talk about this week - India’s 64th Republic Day!

After getting republic, India has grown and progressed on various fronts, be it agriculture, infrastructure development, healthcare research, economic liberalisation, defence capabilities, education reforms, space exploration, industrial output and many more. As we are about to celebrate our 64th republic day, India has witnessed over the years its growth and recognition as one of the strongest upcoming economy which the world can’t deny, we have everything to cherish for yet miles to go before we sleep.  The social and political structure of India is witnessing a paradigm shift which we are witnessing. Our team of diabetes specialists wishes you all a very happy Republic Day and also wishes to see us all thinking and acting in the best interest of our country.

When you think of the best way to contribute, the first step you should consider is to take care of yours and yours family’s health. The proactive measures are the best investment you can take for long term health benefits. Consider starting with an active lifestyle with moderate exercises, good eating habits, selecting nutrient food, and knowing your current health conditions.

Coming to our diabet-licious discussion, “Diabetes & Pizza”, let me start with the fact that the Type 2 diabetes do gets affected by what food you eat. If you are diabetic, the pizza you eat to fill your stomach makes your blood sugar take a boat ride like on a stormy sea. Yes, eating pizza can make your bold sugar go hay wire. Why? Cause, Pizza contains high saturated fat food which causes insulin resistance, though temporarily, which in turns slows down the initial blood sugar rise. Since the high fat content slows down the carbs, the blood sugar doesn’t rises as quickly as it would have done otherwise, but your insulin has done its work.  It’s a chain process which continues for hours to come. Eating pizza for diabetics needs a lot of involvement about how much you know about your carb intake. Depending upon your diabetes level, when you have a less saturated fat food, like say taking one-two slices of pizza, you don’t have to bother much. Pizza or no pizza, if you take any high saturated food content you may have to deal with the above boat ride of blood sugar. Being a diabetic, if you love to follow the ancient lifestyle routine try to avoid the pizza’s or such high fat food content. Controversy or no controversy, it’s mostly up to you to totally avoid eating those delicious cheese laden round-in-a-square-box food :) or eat it in moderation or just say, “heck with the boundaries”, just don’t forget your insulin.

If you aren’t diabetic but are afraid to think of diabetes every time you eat a pizza, just take a quick visit to, and register to know the risk of diabetes for yourself, you can also see the age at which you may get diabetes. Remember, it’s the proactive way of winning from this disease.

So, at this republic celebrate with India, celebrate your health, probably you can have some dark chocolates, it could protect you against diabetes.


The next will be on “Does Diabetes results in sexual problems”. Stay connected with us and remember, Happier People Age Better, Live Longer, so just be happy!

Dr. MS Singhal

Diabetes & You

Diabetes & You
The two words you never want to see together

We all know what diabetes is, we read about it and we know we don’t have it, but what if the disease is waiting for you in coming years. Is it possible for you to avoid it? Read on to know how you can make it happen for you & your children…

  • “1 in 10 People in the world will have Diabetes by 2035” - International Diabetes Federation
  • “Many with Diabetes unaware of vision loss”
  • “1 out of 5 cases of total tooth loss in the US is linked to diabetes” - Journal of the American Dental Association
  • “If you have Type 2 diabetes, foot ulcer complication may arise and diabetic foot ulcers are difficult to heal... in some cases it may require amputation. For that reason, prevention and treatment of all diabetic foot ulcers is very important”
  • “Mild depressions tied to diabetes complications”

We keep coming across such reports and news on diabetes. What do we do?

Most probably such news is read with care by us if anyone in our family or friend circle is diabetic, if not, we just flip it over and assume, we don’t have diabetes and most probably we won’t get it. All we have to do is control our food and get some exercise! Voila! See, we know about diabetes.

Yes, good that you know the basics. You probably may know that diabetes is genetic too. Now, combine all the information you have, you eat right, you exercise well, and chances are your family member are diabetic, so what are the chances you may acquire this dreaded lifestyle diseases? Simple, you may devote some time and walk to a nearby pathological lab to get some basic test done and know if you are diabetic. The result comes out and the result is Negative!

You smile and thank god that you don’t have diabetes. Congratulations!

But remember your parents were diabetics, and probably you may not be able to give ample time to improve your lifestyle. Now, what are the possibilities of you getting diabetes in near future? Have you thought of it? Is there any way where you can find out how prone you are to diabetes and its complications?

Diabetes significantly increases the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, which is the cause of death for more than 50% of diabetics. The risk of early death is around twice more likely in diabetes sufferers than non-sufferers, meaning that early diagnosis is critical.

Genetic Risk is a big factor in determining how prone you are to diabetes. Combine it with your lifestyle- the kind of food you intake, the working conditions, your exercise level; all together determines your risk of diabetes. Technology and decades of research on the diabetes has evolved for us to produce a scoring tool accessible at is enabled with complex algorithms to determine the diabetes risk associated with you. The basic information once fed in the system prepares the prognostic report which advices you on susceptibility, risk of diabetes, age at which you may get diabetic. The report also suggests for clinical investigation and gives you the mantra to fight diabetes: DEED, which stands for Diet, Exercise, Education and Drugs.

Parents and youth must take special precautions to ward off type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes - a result of the body developing a resistance to insulin - has been dramatically increasing in adolescence primarily due to the obesity epidemic. Insulin is the main driver of glucose - also known as sugar - and the main course of the body’s energy. Factors for developing type 2 diabetes during childhood and adolescence include being overweight or obese, having a strong family history of the disease, getting it passed on from mother to child during pregnancy, an inactive lifestyle, and race and ethnicity.  Although a variety of treatments are available for adults with type 2 diabetes, options for youths are limited. As a parent we know how much care and love we give to our children but giving a healthy lifestyle and more importantly evaluating the risks of such diseases on our kids is the best gift we can give to them and ourselves. Try on, log in to the’s portal and get your peace of mind.

And some good news to cheer you around, because, remember smile is the best medicine for most of the diseases in world!
  • “Low-calorie diet offers hope of cure for type 2 diabetes”
  • “Coffee, Citrus and Nuts help cut the risk of diabetes”
  • “Diabetes awareness is Diabetes Prevention and the age old saying: Prevention is better than cure”
  • “Diabetes can be controlled with exercise”
  • “Eating whole fruits linked to lower Diabetes risk”
  • “Muscle mass training helps evade diabetes”
  • “Being Healthy is Being Happy”

Dr. MS Singhal

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