Sunday, 20 April 2014

For People Who Seriously Want to Live a Healthy Life!

Today, we’re announcing our renewed commitment to offer our community who expect to get actual results in leading a healthy life. Maybe you want to improve your health, know more about diabetes but today the results are for those who prefer to walk the talk rather then just talk. 
We all know the hard reality, "THERE IS NO CURE FOR DIABETES - Neither Type 1 nor Type 2". The only best and possible solution is, stay away from this disease. You can only help yourself and your family members by knowing how to PREVENT TYPE 2 DIABETES
Seriously, if you wish to improve your health and want to start working forward in avoiding diabetes we will help you how to do it. Inside, you’ll learn everything you need to know about your risk of getting diabetes.

The first thing you do to fight your enemy is understand your enemy. Here, to fight the battle with type 2 Diabetes equip yourself with a personalized report on your risk of diabetes because of your genetic factor and the lifestyle you have chosen including what you eat, your exercise routine, your smoking or alcohol intake etc. will cover everything you ever wanted to know:
  1. Genetic Risk Assessment System (GRASS) is an advanced prognostic tool which calculates the risk of diabetes for your life based on your genetic composition and current lifestyle
  2. Your customized GRASS report carries the percentage of Genetic Risk that indicates the age at which Diabetes may occur
  3. Get to know your Susceptibility: It is the tendency to develop the disease. This tendency depends upon various factors including your age, family history of Diabetes, the excess birth weight. Your ethnicity, a sedentary lifestyle, stress and rich diet also results in increasing the tendency.
  4. DEED: Diet- Exercise- Education- Drugs. GRASS gives you the "Suggestions for Prevention" which carries a customized dietary chart and an exercise reference personal to your report. Getting educated on the Diabetes is helpful as much as the drugs which shall be advised by your physician
  5. Since GRASS is a prognostic tool and not a medical advice, our experienced doctors while designing the algorithm for this website had included, depending upon your risk, the Suggestion for Investigation too.Getting educated on the Diabetes is helpful as much as the drugs which shall be advised by your physician

GRASS-DIABETES is a step forward in digital healthcare services which merges decades of medical experience and technological advances to compile and develop the process to generate a report based on your basic inputs. 

Though, the effort for providing simple and practical methods to identify individuals at high risk for diabetes have been taken internationally, none is as advanced and elaborate as covered in 

In year 2001, Finnish Diabetes Association developed a Risk Assessment Form for Type 2 Diabetes. The form is available at  International Diabetes Federations's website in English and other major European languages including German, French, Hungarian, Polish, Italian, Spanish etc. You can view the form at:

We thought of translating the same for our large HINDI speaking belt. Check it out below: 

You can also download or access the Hindi Form of IDF translated by at:

I will be very happy to hear your doubts, your queries and help you to PREVENT TYPE 2 DIABETES.

With Love, 
Dr. M Singhal 
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