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Diabetes Affects Your Memory Too

Diabetes affects your Memory...

Yes, we too got shocked reading the advancements which medical scientists are making in the world of diabetes. Recently, it was concluded that people are affected with type 2 diabetes in middle age are likely to suffer brain damage which further may result in dementia as they grow older.
The report suggests that diabetes might shrink the brain over a long period of time; this may result in reduction in size of crucial areas of brain which plays an important role in short- and long-term memory. Moreover, diabetes and high blood pressure both together appear to increase a person's risk of micro-strokes and damage to the blood vessels that feed the brain. The earlier you develop type 2 diabetes, the more likely you are to have damage.
Anyone could be at risk of dementia, if you don't take good care of yourself, it is highly possible that any of your chronic medical ailment will show its negative impact on your brain. The researchers have very categorically said, "If you've got a brain, you're at risk for dementia.
Well, midlife is actually a little grim time for people to focus on their brain health, hence you are better off if you don’t wait until it's too late to be acted upon. If a person does develop diabetes, he/ she can limit the impact by controlling the disease with diet, exercise and medication. If you have type 2 diabetes, you have an increased risk of brain damage.
The matter of fact is if you can control your diabetes well, it will reduce the damage that is being caused in your brain. The research results emphasized the need for people to adopt a healthy lifestyle in middle age or earlier.
So, the question once again arises on how you can take care of yourself to avoid getting diabetes?
1. Know your risk of getting diabetes:
  • How much you are at risk due to your lifestyle - Do you exercise regularly?
  • What do you eat?
  • Whether you smoke or drink alcohol?
  • What is your family history of diabetes?
Team at has over decades of its research have established that there are certain set patterns of getting diabetic due to above factors. The ethnicity and genes of a person combined with the lifestyle he/she chooses becomes the major factor for acquiring Type 2 diabetes

2. Once you know your Risk Status, you can be suggested for specific pathological investigations by a medical practitioner. The reports of these investigations will help to outline the present status of your health

3.      Follow rigorously and religiously, the Suggestions of Prevention,  which may include:
  • You can begin with correcting your day to day routine activities - what time you get up, what do you eat, what drinking beverage will suit you, whether or not you should eat any sweets and how sooner you stop smoking (if you do)
  • Start maintaining an exercise schedule
  • One of the major drawback we have seen in people with diabetes is that they start self-medication asking their friends, relatives and anyone whose exposure to diabetes is more of a patient of who is further known to a diabetic patient. This mentality of self-medication and following what others have said will work without any proper guidance from a medical professional. REMEMBER, IF A CERTAIN MEDICINE WORKS FOR SOMEONE YOU KNOW, IT DOES NOT MEANS THE SAME MEDICATION WILL WORK FOR YOU.  Every individual’s requirement and reactions to a medicine varies depending upon the severity and advancement of diabetes in their life.

4. Remember the word DEED, which can help you to avoid diabetes
  • D - DIET: Know what you eat
  • E - EXERCISE: Get involved in any form of physical exercises and follow it everyday
  • E - EDUCATION: Educate yourself on diabetes. The better informed will win the fight
  • D - DRUGS: Follow the medicines as suggested by a qualified medical practitioner

How can help you to tackle such issues?

Register at to know two major aspects of diabetes:
  • You will get your personalized report on your risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Based on your risk factors, a customized report on prevention of diabetes will be suggested


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