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World Diabetes Day - Raise your Hand for HEALTHY LIVING & DIABETES FREE LIFE

Healthy living is a choice which lies in your hand. Today, 14th November at this International Diabetes Day make a conscious decision and promise yourself to live a better life.

Live a “Diabetes Free” life and Singhal Diabetic Clinic has always been advocating and working on educating people on living an active life and enriching them with information on diabetes and the risks associated with it so that everyone can make a sensible decision in how to avoid diabetes. 

Every year Singhal Diabetic Clinic organizes a Free Diabetic Camp on 14th November on World Diabetes. This year will be our 51st Free Camp. Fortunately, this year’s international theme of International Diabetes Federation coincides with our portal i.e. "Healthy Living and Diabetes". The potential and importance of taking proactive steps in fighting diabetes is the only way to tackle diabetes and this year’s theme of healthy living by taking some simple steps in life makes our resolve more concrete.

This year’s theme topic is invariable related to our goals as well as it supports our website ( strongly. For the ease of our readers we would like to present a few excerpts for a Right Start from
  • Investing in a healthy breakfast will reduce the global burden of diabetes and save billions in lost productivity and healthcare costs.
  • Ensuring access to an affordable and healthy breakfast is essential to reducing the global burden of diabetes. 
  • Healthy eating options that can help reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. 
  • Healthy and unhealthy breakfast options.

The Highlights of our blog which relates to Healthy Living and preparing yourself and your body to Avoid Diabetes

Diabetes & You - The two words you never want to see together
: Read it here
Genetic Risk is a big factor in determining how prone you are to diabetes. Combine it with your lifestyle- the kind of food you intake, the working conditions, your exercise level; all together determines your risk of diabetes.

BEST & WORST Food for Your Diabetes : Read the Blog
The most commonly asked question from a diabetic is what to eat and what not to? Since the food you eat affects the glucose level in your blood, it is imperative that you should know about your food & dietary habits. Knowing what to eat is quite confusing, but just makes an attempt to break your food in food groups and then learn the best and worst choices from each food group.

Eating Curd to Avoid Type 2 Diabetes: Get the details
Eating low-fat curd/ yogurt can help to reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 28 percent compared to not eating any curd. Curd anyways has known health benefits as it contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and fatty acids. The fermentation process that turns milk into curd also produces probiotic bacteria and “specific types of vitamin K,” that are known to be beneficial.

For People Who Seriously Want to Live a Healthy Life!: Read here
We all know the hard reality, "THERE IS NO CURE FOR DIABETES - Neither Type 1 nor Type 2". The only best and possible solution is, stay away from this disease. You can only help yourself and your family members by knowing how to PREVENT TYPE 2 DIABETES

Eating Sugar & Understanding Blood Sugar Swings in Diabetes: Read
One of the common beliefs in diabetes is that a diabetic person will have to completely stop eating sugar as it will be bad for them. If you are a chocolate lover and/or have a huge sweet tooth, having diabetes in such case will be the most painful, isn’t it? Well, the good news is YOU DO NOT have to give these sweet items up forever. The important point is to understand that sugar compounds will increase your blood sugar levels more quickly than other carbohydrates…

If you have been diabetic or are a pre-diabetic or one of those who are concerned to know what all to eat and what to avoid for diabetes, what do you do for pickles/ vinegar? Do you eat them? What are the causes and effects of eating pickles or vinegar in diabetes

DIABETES & THE MID-LIFE CRISIS: Get to know how to tackle it
Many of our male readers experience a distressing experience at this age, which generally is called ‘mid-life crisis’ which starts around at the age of 35 and is experienced till 50’s. Experiencing anxiety over what you’ve achieved in your life can cause this crisis like situation.

DIABETES - It’s not just a one word D.I.S.E.A.S.E: Know about it 
All right, so the point we are trying to make is whether or not call Type 2 Diabetes as a disease or not. Hypothetically and broadly speaking, one basic reason for not terming it as ‘disease’ is the major cause of Type 2 diabetes: LIFESTYLE

As the health care professions look seriously at alternative modalities of medicine, a growing interest in traditional Indian medicine is emerging worldwide simultaneously. As with any popular development, aspects of the Indian medical system and its cures have sometimes been appropriated by individuals not wholly familiar with the basics of Ayurveda. - The new age digital Insurance against Diabetes: Get insured
People who have Type 2 Diabetes are considered under “High Risk Category” by most of the health insurance providers which meant that the premium policies were always higher for a diabetic person as compared to a healthy individual of same income and age. A diabetic person is prone to many critical illnesses arising out of high blood sugar levels and since diabetes also affects the treatment of some other serious health issues many few insurance providers are there in market that provides a proper coverage.

Whatever it takes...
Get Your Act together today, to change your tomorrow...

Have a Happy & Diabetes Free Life.


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Dr. MS Singhal
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