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Holidays Risk for Type 2 Diabetic

Holiday's Season

Holiday’s certainly means indulgence. The chilly winter season mixed with holidays and festive mood of Christmas with coming New Year surely attracts every one of us.  So, how do festivals bring in the dangers of diabetes?

Celebrate Diabetes Free Christmas

Well to start with, you have all the reasons for spoiling yourself by sleeping late and waking up late due to chill in the air. Who wants to leave their warm blankets and go out in winter to exercise? So, here goes your first measure of controlling your sugar levels.

Now since, Christmas and New Year is approaching market is full of confectionaries, cakes, sugar coated candies and what not… "If you are not mindful, eating foods with too many carbohydrates or sugars can send your blood sugar levels into a dangerously high range. 

There are a number of ways that people with diabetes can prevent their blood sugar levels from soaring during the holidays. Make a genuine effort to eat only one or two of special things that you have in your house during the holiday season - It may be your mom's deliciously prepared and your all-time favorite Gajar ka Halwa or your wife’s special dessert she has learnt from a culinary video or probably you have decided to impress your girlfriend (or wife) that how delicious-a-cake you can bake for your new year celebrations. Learn on your own to control the urge and avoid sampling everything. This way you can still enjoy your favorite dish but without over indulging and knowing there will be at least one thing for you to eat but without putting your sugar levels on a spring. 

Again as part of a holiday and festivities in market, it's a good idea to know which all food to eat. Though we have covered this topic in great length in our Diwali special blog as well as in a dedicated blog write-up for good and bad food for diabetes, still to remind you, try to avoid "white" carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, rice and potatoes. Include healthy substitutes like whole grains, brown rice, fruits and vegetables in your diet plan. It's also very important to consider limiting your portion size at each meal time. 

Nowadays, the parties are another inseparable aspect of these holidays. Parties where liquor are flown like water (they have already termed them as waterholes), as a diabetic or a pre-diabetic who choose to drink alcohol, a few adult beverages are OK if you alternate your drinks with water, diet soda, etc. Be aware of mixed drinks because many contain artificial juices with added sweeteners or high sugar additives that you might not realize and they could cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. 

Your determination is the first stepping stone towards how you want to control your sugar level and more so when you are a pre-diabetic having all symptoms of going to get diabetic due to your lifestyle and genes. Once you have made your strength to stick to your rule book, tell it to your family and friends. They should be cooperative about your food and beverage choices, but this will be possible without hurting their emotions when you are open and honest with yourself and to them about your diabetes threat. 

There is no reason for a person with type 2 diabetes to miss out on the joy of eating around the holidays and festivals. Just make sure that you have planned ahead and are being smart with your preferred choices which will give you all the pleasure and chance to eat the foods you want, drink the beverages you prefer while maintaining healthy glucose levels as well as enjoying this festival season. 

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