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Do you tick YES to 3 or more of below symptoms? 
  • Increased Urination in Day and/or Night 
  • Do you repeatedly crave for food - Your hunger has increased? 
  • Are you experiencing unusual weight increase or weight lost?  
  • Excessive thirst? 
  • Do you experience weakness and are tired very easily?
  • Have you got irritable or have bouts of depression? 
  • Feeling nauseated or sense of vomiting? 
  • Repeated skin fungal infections? 
  • Male - yeast infections on reproductive organs 
  • Female - frequent vaginal infections 
  • Itching skin especially in the groin or vaginal area 
  • Blurred Vision?

People with type 2 diabetes often do not have any symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they are often ignored because they may not seem serious. Symptoms in type 1 diabetes usually come on much more suddenly and are often severe. If you have got 3 or more than 3 Yes’s to above issues its time you consult a Diabetologist immediately or take this online genetic risk assessment.

If you are breathing rapidly and more deeply than normal, though not necessarily but also perhaps with sweet breath that smells like nail polish remover then you need immediate medical attention which can be a potentially deadly complication of type 1 diabetes. 

Take care and notice that your sudden feel of weakness or occasional fainting coupled with a rapid heartbeat or shuddering and/ or excessive sweating which again can be a symptom of diabetes.


Call me at Singhal Diabetic Clinic at Tel: +91-1334-224625 if you feel nauseated, feel weak, and are very often feeling thirsty. The Type 2 diabetes risks can also be recognized through symptoms like abdominal pain and having urge to urinate frequently.

The general feeling of irritability, hunger, or suddenly experiencing drowsiness are chances of developing hypoglycemia, a medical condition of low blood sugar that can occur with diabetes treatment.

Better Avoid such conditions and take the genetic risk assessment which can help you to categorize your medical conditions based upon your existing lifestyle and family medical history. There is nothing to lose but your health to gain. 

Visit to know more.

Dr. MS Singhal 

MD - | Singhal Diabetic Clinic, Haridwar

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